Latest News

JULY 2018 Patent application for advanced LHPG system filed
Non-provisional patent application for enhanced LHPG system submitted to USPTO.
MAY 2018 MMI-endowed scholarship at Caltech established
Scholarship provides support for undergraduates pursuing studies in materials science.
APRIL 2018 Record-setting fiber laser demonstrated with MMI fiber
Penn State researcher used MMI Yb:YAG fiber to achieve 70% optical power conversion in fiber laser.
MARCH 2018 Penetrating fiber optic Raman probe unveiled
Prototype penetrating fiber optic Raman probe with self-referencing and heat-sinking capabilities was shown at Analytix-2018 in Miami.
MARCH 2017 Patent issued for OptoTemp 2000 probes
US patent was issued for the fabrication of OptoTemp 2000 probes (US 9, 599, 518 B2).
JANUARY 2017 Record gross margin set in 2016
MMI reports gross profit margin of 43% for 2016.