Latest News

FEBRUARY 2021 Sapphire fiber hand piece patent application submitted
The pending patent provides for a hand piece to hold disposable sapphire fibers.
SUMMER 2020 MMI selected to supply disposable sapphire fibers
Projects with three medical device companies are underway to develop hand piece for mid-IR applications.
APRIL 2020 New record of 6 years sales growth set
Gross receipts more than doubled from 2017 to 2019.
SEPTEMBER 2019 Patent for variations in tapered fibers issued
US Pat. #D859,310 addresses possible taper shapes for hexagonal crystalline fibers.
AUGUST 2019 Patent for LHPG system with novel features issued
US Pat. #10,392,721 covers concepts unique to MMI's crystal fiber growth technology.
SPRING 2019 First MMI scholarship at Caltech awarded
Materials Science major Clara MacFarland was selected as the first recipient of the scholarship.